Friday, January 13, 2017

Makerspace Kickoff

Hello Everyone,

In December, on the day we released for Christmas break, our campus hosed a social. Now, I know what you are thinking, but it was not a dance. It was a time where students could sign up for activities that they are interested in for a day. Each student filled out a form the week before, choosing five activities that they would like to participate in, then they were given a schedule of four activities to last them the half day.

One of the activities that was offered to the students was our new Makerspace. We were so excited to kickoff our Makerspace in such a fun way. The students were given two options for their time in our Makerspace, they could work on three maker challenges in one area, or create their own origami trees in another area.

It was definitely a hit. The students enjoyed creating things and figuring out how to make their creations work and solve the problem. Below are pictures of their creations.

I am currently preparing new challenges for students to complete when they come in for their recess time because we had so many students that were itching for more challenges! My plan is to have three to four challenges that will last two to three weeks each. Once the challenge is over I will display the student's projects and change out when the next challenges are completed.

Come back in the next couple of weeks to see updates about our Makerspace!

Happy Reading and Learning!

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