Friday, January 13, 2017

Library Updates

Hello Everyone!

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to utilize this blog and post more often. There are amazing things going on in our library and I think that it is important to share!

One fun thing that is currently going on in the library is our rearrangements. Ms. Allen and I decided that it would make more sense to pull out our more popular series to a central location that would provide easier access to these heavily trafficked materials. There were a couple of things that prompted this decision. One being that some of the series that our students really like are written by many different authors. This causes issues when students are looking for specific series and they are scattered all over the place. Now they can find what they are looking for without frustration.

Another large change is our relocation of the professional collection for creation of a Makerspace. This section has been relocated to where reference previously lived because we needed a large area to begin creating our Makerspace. Our Makerspace kickoff was during the Christmas Social (more information in the Makerspace Kickoff Post)

Lastly we moved some of our genres within our fiction collection around. After the series had been relocated we had some empty shelves, which helped us move the Science Fiction collection to a more visible area and to create an award winner section as well as a featured books section.

We are very excited to continue to make our library the best that it can be and serve our students in the best way possible!

Happy Reading and Learning Everyone!

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